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As a business owner, it's in your best interest to make yourself standout and be noticed by the public. With so much competition for the consumers' dollars, separating yourself from the competition is often as simple as having more eyes on your company. Prokop Signs has several affordable sign options for business owners in Norwich CT, and throughout Eastern Connecticut.

The type of sign you need will vary based on the type of business you're running. Some companies would benefit greatly from our vehicle services, while window lettering, banners and more specialized graphic designs would be better for others. Our experienced team of professionals will work with you to help you determine what's best for your company and for your wallet. 

Are you about to have a grand opening? Are you rolling out new menu items? Have you recently changed your hours of operations? Did you just add new services for your customers? How will anyone know about this unless you announce it? Make sure your potential patrons know about everything you're doing and offering through our sign services. We will help you get the word out and bring in more customers as a result.

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